Organize Your Instagram Feed with Circles from INK361

Users can categorize the people they follow on Instagram and filter their feed for a more efficient Instagram viewing experience

22 JULY 2014
INK361's new Circles feature will change the way people view Instagram. From friends and inspiring photographers to favorite brands and celebrities, it can be hard to keep up with all the photos posted to Instagram each day. INK361's new feature lets users categorize the people they follow into Circles, then view a filtered feed to see photos only from users in that Circle. This useful feature is available in both the desktop and mobile version of INK361.

With the growth of Instagram to over 200 million users, it can be hard to keep up with all the photos being posted each day. INK361's new Circles feature lets users sort those they follow into lists, then view a filtered feed to see photos only from users in a selected Circle. It's a great way to privately categorize and keep track of favorite Instagrammers.

INK361’s intuitive design allows users to create and add to Circles from multiple places both on the website and the mobile site. Users can be added to multiple Circles for further flexibility in viewing photos. 

With the ability to organize by any criteria, Circles are also a valuable tool for business professionals - Social Media Managers, news sites, and others who track Instagram activity. Whether following posts from celebrities, politicians, industry insiders, event attendees, loyal customers, or around a specific theme - Circles makes it easy to view the latest photos without the clutter of an unfiltered feed. Combined with the Embed code feature, Circles becomes a fast and powerful way to find and display relevant Instagram photos.

In addition to the benefits the INK361 web viewer already has in place - such as Statistics, Alerts, and Albums - the new Circles feature further improves the efficiency and experience of viewing Instagram photos.

""As an avid Instagram user myself, I am very excited for this feature and I know others will love it too. With limited time to review my feed, using Circles makes it much faster and easier for me to keep up with my favorite Instagrammers."" Tina Clark, VP of Marketing for
""INK361's new Circles feature allows me to easily switch between the feeds of the taste makers, brands and even personal friends - allowing me to be more efficient when looking for inspiration for my own website. Their handy organisational tool is saving me so much time when I need to use Instagram for blogging."" Lisa Zhang, blogger at
""Finally I can instantly see the latest Instagram posts of the people that matter to me most." " Carel van Apeldoorn, CEO
About Ink361

INK361 lets users access and interact with the Instagram photo-sharing network via the web.  With INK361, users can view Instagram photos in different sized grids, communicate with friends, organize photos with albums, get alerts, view statistics and more. 

People use INK361 to share their own photos, discover new photos and photographers, and explore the world one photo at a time.