Never Miss an Instagram with INK361 Alerts

INK361 lets you set up alerts for updates from your favorite Instagram users or hashtags.

With the growth of Instagram and photos expiring faster from your feed, it can be easy to miss posts. With INK361's new Alerts, you will receive email notifications when new photos are added by your favorite users or designated hashtags.

With the growth of Instagram, we are following more and more accounts. In addition to our closest friends, we may follow great photographers, celebrities, sassy cats, our favorite brands, and more. That means that photos in our feeds will expire faster and we miss out on that important post. With INK361's new "Alerts", you will no longer miss Instagrams from your favorite accounts or hashtags.

Alerts, much like our widget to add Instagrams to blogs and websites - as used by Huffington Post amongst many others - are a great tool for businesses, journalists, communities and brands, to track topics, campaigns, events, and more.

It's very easy to set up an Alert. Once logged in to INK361, roll over your avatar icon to bring up your account menu, then click on the "Alerts" link. From there, you can add user alerts or tag alerts to track. Once you've set up an Alert, you will receive emails that gives you a preview of the latest photos and makes it easy to click through to see all the photos for that user or hashtag.

Whether you want to keep up with the Kardashians, see the latest #Oscars pics or track posts related to your brand - INK361 Alerts make that happen.

" "Alerts" allow even more Instagram enjoyment as you receive updates right in your email inbox. " Tina Clark - Director of Marketing - Ink Limited
"INK361 continues to innovate to allow companies and communities to easily maximize Instagram as a marketing and communication platform." Tina Clark - Director of Marketing - Ink Limited
About Ink361

INK361 lets users access and interact with the Instagram photo-sharing network via the web.  With INK361, users can view Instagram photos in different sized grids, communicate with friends, organize photos with albums, get alerts, view statistics and more. 

People use INK361 to share their own photos, discover new photos and photographers, and explore the world one photo at a time.