Ink361 announces "Albums" - a Powerful Organization and Curation Tool for Instagram

Organize your own Instagrams or curate collections of Instagrams from across multiple usernames and hashtags

Ink361 announces a new Album feature that not only lets you organize your own Instagrams, but lets you easily curate collections of Instagrams from across multiple usernames and hashtags. A powerful tool for users, bloggers and brands, Albums are a great way to find and highlight those Instagram pics that might otherwise get overlooked.

You’ve taken so many Instagrams – and you’ve hashtagged them all – but you still cannot easily see and share your #cupcake pics separate from your #kittycats – until now. Now you can organize your Instagrams into categories and groups of photos – sharing them in a whole new way – and it’s fun to do.

With the ability to enter multiple hashtags, the Album feature becomes a powerful tool for bloggers and Community Managers. Brands often ask fans to tag photos both with their general hashtag and a hashtag specific to an event or contest  - think #oreo and their #cremethis #cookiethis Superbowl event – and now they can easily and quickly create albums of top submissions to share back with fans. Then use the gallery widget tool to embed that album into a blog or website.

The Album feature is also a great way show off pics from a specific user or group of users - - quite a few paparazzi-inclined sites (or fans) would find this a great way to create a collection of the best celebrity Instagrams. Or perhaps you prefer the furry stars of Instagram – create the cutest album ever with favorites from the likes of @tunameltsmyheart, @realgrumpycat, @barkleysircharles, and #findMomo (@andrewknapp) - who is so much cuter than Waldo and just as much fun.

It’s easy to create an album, just enter the details – title, category, and description – then enter usernames and/or hashtags into the filter section to bring up results. You can then drag and drop photos from the filter results into the album, set an album cover photo, and publish. If you don’t like the location of a photo in your album, just drag and drop it to another location. It’s that simple!

The albums you create show up on your INK361 profile and can also be shared across social networks with family, friends and fans or embedded into your blog or website – or set your album to “Private” and only you can see it.

"Albums are a great tool to revive your early Instagrams that nobody will see otherwise!" Carel van Apeldoorn - CEO - Ink Limited
"In addition to the “here and now” element to Instagram, Albums make sure the keepsake images get the attention they deserve!"
"As an Instagram user and Marketer, I was excited to have this tool at my disposal! I use it both for my personal pics and to create Albums of the great photos we get as part of our Weekly Photo Challenge submissions. " Tina Clark - Director of Marketing - Ink Limited
About Ink361

INK361 lets users access and interact with the Instagram photo-sharing network via the web.  With INK361, users can view Instagram photos in different sized grids, communicate with friends, organize photos with albums, get alerts, view statistics and more. 

People use INK361 to share their own photos, discover new photos and photographers, and explore the world one photo at a time.