New Ink361 Delights Instagram Fans

Renewed Ink361 Instagram Web Interface helps you to better View, Share and Discover.

The popular Instagram Web Interface, Ink361 launched a beta version of their website today to further empower the 85 million Instagram users around the world. The team behind Ink361 shared that for the last 4 months they have been working to build a new product with updated and improved discovery tools. With over 5 million photos uploaded a day, discovering photography on the instagram network has become a challenge and Ink361 set out to create the solution.

Today the Instagram Web Interface,, launched in complete new beta version of the popular online tool to view, share and discover Instagram pictures on the web. As an early adapter of the Instagram API, Ink361 has garnered an impressive fan base with over 3 million users since March of 2011. Carel van Apeldoorn, CEO of Ink limited, explained that “the focus for this new up-date was on improving the user experience and to become the best at the basics” which are viewing, sharing, and discovering exceptional photos and photographers, according to his opinion. This upgrade incorporated an entire re-design of the website. It includes many familiar tools such as a grid viewer, but expands on that by allowing the option to view photos in 3 different sizes, a map viewer and new slide show viewer to enjoy the photos in their own simplicity. The site offers the subtle and nice detail of allowing users to change the background color from light to dark. Van Apeldoorn mentioned that “a big challenge on Instagram is to find users and photos that are valuable to you”. The new upgrade includes an innovative followers and followings viewer that enables users to do just that. Ink361 has creatively formatted a way to help users more easily discover new friends and to find photos that inspire and are meaningful. Interesting for both private users and companies are the tools that can be found in the “Promote” section. All these tools can be very useful to connect your Instagram photos into websites and social networks. The promising part of Ink361 is that it’s completely free of charge, and requires no login, therefore making it a website for anyone that wants and likes to discover Instagram. 

About Ink361

Ink361 is a fully featured Instagram Web Interface for the popular instagram photo sharing app. Launched in March of 2011, the company has already seen much success – clocking up over 4 million unique visitors, with over 2.4 million visits in July of 2012.

The Instagram Web Interface allow users to get access, comment, like, re-organize, follow and share all of their Instagram photos on any standard computer. Ink361 is not affiliated with Instagram. The company produces their interfaces by making use of the publically-available Instagram API.

""The focus for this new up-date was on improving the user experience and to become the best at the basics."" Carel van Apeldoorn - CEO - Ink Limited
""a big challenge on Instagram is to find users and photos that are valuable to you."" Carel van Apeldoorn - CEO - Ink Limited
About Ink361

INK361 lets users access and interact with the Instagram photo-sharing network via the web.  With INK361, users can view Instagram photos in different sized grids, communicate with friends, organize photos with albums, get alerts, view statistics and more. 

People use INK361 to share their own photos, discover new photos and photographers, and explore the world one photo at a time.