Inkstagram introduces Instagram photos organized in Hashtag Albums

Hashtag Albums, the best way to share photos

Inkstagram, the leading Web Interface for Instagram, launched a new Hashtag Album feature today. Inkstagram provides Instagram users with a tool to organize their photos into separate hash tag albums. Users can also create Hashtag photo albums around specific topics of interest. With the rapid growth of photo content on Instagram this solves some of the new photo sharing challenges.

Instagram, the hugely popular iPhone app for sharing photos with a total of over 9 million user accounts, has added an additional 50 million photos in the last 30 days, getting over 200 million photos in less than one year. The fast growing volume of photo content on this platform encouraged Inkstagram to look into a way to tackle the challenge of organizing photos. They added the new “Create your Hashtag Album” to their popular Web Interface that has been used by 300,000 unique Instagram users and still growing with double digits on a weekly basis according to Carel van Apeldoorn, managing director of Inkstagram. This new feature will allow users to create and share photo Albums around one unique hashtag.  This can be a hashtag that doesn’t show any relationship to the content of the photos but is used to group everything or can be specific content related. The created hashtag albums can be shared with people without an iPhone or Instagram account.

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About Inkstagram

Inkstagram, founded by Joshua Inkenbrandt and launched in March 2011, is a company that offers a unique Web Interface for Instagram via Users can Like, Comment, Follow, Re-organize and Share all their content via a normal computer screen which allows these beautiful photos to stand out even more. Inkstagram will continue developing new features and applications for the Instagram Community. The company works independently from Instagram and does not have any formal business relationship besides the fact that we are all Instagram Fans!

"“Hashtag Albums are a great way to organize your own photos and keep track of all the photos of your favorite topics” " Carel van Apeldoorn, managing director of Inkstagram
"“I love the idea of aggregating all the hashtags together into albums. Great use of the API!” " Leif Fescenmeyer – user commented via Twitter
About Ink361

INK361 lets users access and interact with the Instagram photo-sharing network via the web.  With INK361, users can view Instagram photos in different sized grids, communicate with friends, organize photos with albums, get alerts, view statistics and more. 

People use INK361 to share their own photos, discover new photos and photographers, and explore the world one photo at a time.